Make Every Meal Wicked Cool!



We are always playing and looking for fun ways to eat our treats.

COUSCOUSSouth African CousCous with Kale Chips, Tomato Chips and Nuts ground up and added in!

Using dehydrated veggies is a great way to add nutrition & flavor but not the extra moisture that can mess up the texture!


Mac n Cheese was never like THIS! Ground tomato and kale chips, with a panko/chipotle nut crust!

Here are a few ideas we do - how about you? Email us your faves and we'll post 'em!

KALE CHIPS:    We love kale but do not love how fresh kale gives off so much liquid when you cook it and it gets limp. Got crumbs from the bottom of your bag of Wicked Cool Kale chips? Or just want to do more that eat them whole? Try adding them to scrambled eggs, soup and pasta!  Dinner this week included a quesadilla featuring Wicked Cool Maple Pepper Kale chips and Pesto Tomato chips!


Breakfast Quesadilla!


NUTS:   Want a neat salad topper? Crumble some nuts on your next green or beet salad. We love mixing flavors and adding to anything with a fruity homemade dressing. Our favorite is a Wicked Cool Sriracha nut crumble with a honey-citrus dressing!

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.42.55 AM

A Wine Tasting Party featured Balsamic Nut mix, Sriracha Nut Mix, Maple-Pepper Kale and Pesto Tomato Chips!


TOMATO CHIPS:   The tomato chips are of course great on hot and cold sandwiches. We love them on veggie BLTs!

To make your next baked pasta burst with flavor, try grinding some Wicked Cool Pesto Tomato chips in a food processor then mix with panko and parmesan for an amazing top layer.

This winter we ground a bunch of the Wicked Cool Pesto Tomato chips and used them in a tomato-raspberry-lambic soup. Holy moly that was good! Topped with homemade spicy croutons and served in espresso cups for a party, it was heaven in a cup!