"I bought a bunch to share with friends... a huge hit & delicious. Need a little party favor or hostess gift?! Check out Wicked Cool Nuts!"   - Lisa in BH

"The first time I had the Pesto Tomato chips I thought my mouth had been transported to Italy without me!"   - Silverlake Gal

"It's SO hard not to eat the whole bag in one sitting."   - MaryAnne V

"Kale schmale, these are f***ing amazing!"   - D Ramone 

"The Maple Sriracha is... DA BEST!"   - Peter S, Topanga 

"Someday the saying will be - 'Hey, let's WickedCoolNuts and chill!!'"   - LADave 

"I ordered the Maple-Sriracha nuts for a little gathering ... they were such a hit that the bowl was empty before anything else was touched. I will be sure to always have these on hand!"   - Lorrie C

"All the goodies taste amazing!! Both the kales are equally addicting lol!"   - Amanda T

"Tomato Pesto chips - flavor is amazing. Crunch is great on a sandwich and straight out of the bag. So much better than potato chips."   - Lee in LA

"I love WickedCoolNuts and I also know the time and care that is put into them before I put them into me!"   - Ivan S.

"Tomato chips - culinary crack! These are INSANE."   - PilgrimGrrl

"I was never a kale person...suddenly I discovered the Brown Mustard Kale chips from Wicked Cool Nuts and I finally understand...!"   - BurbankBoss

"The tomato pesto chips are amazing. Just downed two bags of them last night!"   - Boston Sue

"Hooked on the Ginger nuts...Husband just came home and ate them all. Hiding them next time! Placing order for more!"   - Tracey in NJ

"I can vouch for the fact that these (Pesto Tomato Chips) are delicious!"   - Denise C 

"Every bite is a surprising and delicious combinations of flavor!"   - Mr. Tujunga

"Love these bad boys!" (pesto tomato chips)   - Susan E

"I have a new obsession and it's Wicked Cool Nuts!"    - Red

"Trying to convince Wicked Cool to set me up on auto ship! The last box arrived and my hubby raided it before I get home."   - Don in Arlington

"One bite of the Maple-Ginger nuts ... and I was close to veering out of control! One more bite and I'd be in danger of devouring the entire bag. THESE ARE SUBLIME!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Beth M, Studio City