It doesn’t matter how long I have lived in Los Angeles - every autumn I get homesick for New England.  It’s a feeling in the air & in my heart.     But the flavors that trigger those feelings & cravings are NOT in the stores.   Don’t get me started on the stuff they sell out here  calling it “cider” and “maple syrup”.  It's just...not.

So every year, as family & friends send me multi-colored maple & oak leaves from the woods of Massachusetts & New Hampshire, from the  places where I grew up, played & rode horses, I ritualistically unpack a crate of fresh apple cider in jugs, bottles of Vermont maple syrup &  other local goodies.  In this way, I started to find ways to bring bits of New England's smells & tastes to my adopted homeland. From October to December my little house smells amazing with those hand-raked leaves and mulled cider that only a few weeks earlier was fresh apples hanging on trees!

Autumn passes. So does Winter. So did those urgent cravings. One Spring day I got the urge to make something new.  I had picked up some great kale & had my special maple-pepper seasoning blend & of course good old cold-pressed olive oil - why not try something... different?  Gotta admit - I had never EATEN kale chips before, much less MADE them.  Ah, inspiration!   But it worked!  I started sharing & soon I couldn’t make enough batches to keep friends, co-workers & family satisfied.   Even the “Ewww kale” crowd lost their minds for them.

Pretty soon new foods started coming out of the kitchen year round, most with that hint of New England but all with unexpected flavor combinations. What was just meant to be party foods, hostess & colleague gifts, even Christmas presents, soon became the seeds of a business.

Now you know how it started. 

As you will soon discover with the first bite of  your snacks, we have grown far beyond that original craving for home. The maple is still there; I think it always will be.  But Wicked Cool Nuts is so much more now.  At least for me, these foods are home, reinvented.

Original tastes.  Truly memorable.  Undeniably great.

This is a company born from my love of cooking for friends. So now I want to share that love with you. I hope you get as much pleasure out of your snacks as I did making them for you.

Drop me a line at and let me know what you think.